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Von Miller can’t decide whether Tom Brady or Peyton Manning is the GOAT

Miller knows the correct answer. He just doesn’t want to say it.

AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Denver Broncos Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Everyone knows that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is the GOAT- the Greatest Of All Time- especially after winning two of the past three Super Bowls. Now some might still cling to their history with Joe Montana and others will point to John Elway or Johnny Unitas. Some still have the nerve to suggest Peyton Manning.

But they’re wrong, and they know it. It’s Tom Brady. It’s settled. Those other four quarterbacks are just competing for second place.

Even Denver Broncos pass rusher Von Miller, a former teammate of Manning, has trouble saying otherwise.

“I like going against the best,” Miller said about facing Brady on Wednesday. “I like going against the best and having success against the best. I like going against the best and having great games against the best. It's different if you just go against anybody. It's not the same. But if you go against the best and you have success against the best that's what this league is all about. That's what makes the game great.”

When further pressed about playing against Brady, Miller realized what he had admit and had to backtrack and eventually talked himself into a loop of regret.

“[What is unique about] Tom Brady?,” Miller asked. “Everything. He's the GOAT. He's the GOAT but I feel like Peyton Manning is the real GOAT but Tom Brady is the GOAT.”

“I mean I'm going to go with my guy,’ Miller said when pressed. “I'm going to go with Peyton but I mean Tom Brady is the GOAT.”

“Sometimes guys [are] just different,” Miller said about Brady’s health compared to Manning’s. “It's just different for each individual. Brady is playing until 40 [and] it looks like he can play until 45. Some other guys they can't make it that many years. It's all different. That all falls into the equation of Tom Brady being the GOAT.”

“I mean whenever you're talking about “TB12” it's just like that's his name, too,” Miller said when he realized he called Brady the GOAT, again. “It's not correct. It's not correct but that is his name. But it's not correct because in my opinion Peyton Manning is the GOAT. But that is his name. You know what I'm saying? It's kind of weird. Tom Brady, that's his real name. It's kind of like Bill and William. That's his name. He is the GOAT but in all reality it's Peyton. That's my guy.”

It turns out that not only is Miller a great pass rusher, he’s also a gold medalist in mental gymnastics.

Brady is the GOAT because that’s his nickname, but in reality Peyton is the GOAT, but he didn’t get that nickname, according to Miller. Probably because Peyton didn’t do enough to earn that moniker, but, hey, to each his own.