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Julian Edelman unveils “Comeback” playlist on Spotify

Squirrel jams!

Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The injury gods served up a brutal 1-2 punch to New Englanders everywhere in those couple weeks where it’s kind of summer and fall at the same time before the NFL season even got going, with Malcolm Mitchell and Julian Edelman both heading to injured reserve within 5 days of each other. And don’t even start with the Gordon Hayward thing a few weeks later, right?

Malcolm Mitchell, he of the 6 receptions for 70 yards in the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time, is grinding his way back to full speed as we speak. Edelman, on the other hand, is going to be grinding away at his rehab for a long, long time, as these ACL recoveries tend to go.

And as anyone from the “Spot me, bro!” gym crowd to the weekend warrior knows, what better way to get that time-to-run-through-a-brick-wall feeling than a killer playlist?

Earlier this week, Jules hopped on Twitter and posted up his “Comeback” playlist, and to say he’s got a little something for everyone on here is kind of like saying Edelman is a little competitive. Check this out:

Everyone, we have to make a pact and never tell Belichick that there’s no Bon Jovi on here.

Impressive depth on this list, though - raise your hand if you would’ve picked Jules for a Johnny Cash guy, a Kendrick Lamar guy, a Zeppelin guy, a 2Pac guy, a Queens of the Stone Age guy, and a...Inception soundtrack guy? Sure, whatever works.

Rehab-wise, Edelman’s moving along nicely, as our fearless leader Rich Hill recapped yesterday from Jules’s interview with Dan Patrick. He’s doing more exercises, and, in a funny-yet-relatable quip for anyone that’s ever broken a bone or torn something, he can put his socks on again! Brick by brick, right?

And earlier this week, Jules also mentioned on WEEI he’s been using the TB12 Center in addition to his normal rehab work:

“I come in and do my rehab, then I go up to TB12’s Center and I do more rehab and then I come back here and do a little more rehab," Edelman said. "I go home and these past few weeks have been pretty busy. I had the whole pop-up shop this past weekend. We did a book tour during the bye week. Mostly, all my time and energy are into getting this knee right and getting this knee back.”

You gotta believe, man.