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Aaron Rodgers and a bunch of Packers players dispute Martellus Bennett’s claims about the team doctor

Green Bay players are standing by their doctor.

New England Patriots v Green Bay Packers Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

New England Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett made headlines for calling out the Green Bay Packers for how they handled his shoulder injury. Bennett claimed that the Packers were trying to “persuade” him to play through the injury, while he wanted to have season-ending surgery. The tight end argued that the Packers decided to release him for financial reasons and the “failure to disclose an injury” reasoning was just to provide the Packers troubles.

Now only the Packers front office can speak to whether or not they actually waived Bennett with a “failure to disclose an injury” to get him off the books- the compensatory fifth round pick the Packers will now pick up in the 2018 draft certainly doesn’t hurt- but a lot of Packers players, current and former, took offense to Bennett’s allegations that team physician Dr. Pat McKenzie would do anything against the player’s interest.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers used the hashtag “I back Pat” to show that he supports the doctor over Bennett, adding that “Doc has always tried to protect me and my future.”

Wide receiver Jordy Nelson

“In 10 years of being with the Packers organization and having multiple injuries and surgeries, I have never once felt pressured to play in a game. If anything, I have had to try and convince Dr. McKenzie and the athletic trainers to allow me to practice or play in a game. Dr. McKenzie is very cautious about putting players back on the field with an injury and always puts the player’s health before the team.”

Packers fans would probably liken Nelson’s statement to if Dont’a Hightower or Nate Solder issued a statement. It wouldn’t happen unless they really, truly meant it.

Wide receiver Jeff Janis in response to Nelson

Wide receiver James Jones in response to Nelson

Fullback John Kuhn

Tight end Tom Crabtree

Tight end Jermichael Finley

Safety Leroy Butler

So that’s the Packers’ side of the story from the players. They simply don’t believe that the doctor would put Bennett’s health at risk.

Bennett is now willing to play through his injury with the Patriots when he wasn’t with the Packers, an indication of how he’s more willing to put his body and health on the line for a contender than for a team that lost its starting quarterback, so it’s no surprise that the Packers players are not happy with Bennett, either.

Bennett is listed as questionable for the Patriots and could play on Sunday night against the Denver Broncos.