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Week 10 NFL afternoon games odds, live updates, and Patriots rooting guide

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NFL: Houston Texans at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

There’s still plenty of football before the New England Patriots kick off against the Denver Broncos. Here are all the early afternoon games and how the Patriots will be rooting for them to end.

4:05 PM ET

Texans at Rams (-12): The Patriots will be rooting for the Texans for the sake of strength of schedule, even if it’s extremely unlikely to happen.

4:25 PM ET

Cowboys at Falcons (-3): The Patriots will be rooting for the Falcons because of strength of schedule.

Giants (-3) at 49ers: This is going to be a terrible game. The Patriots want the 49ers to lose so the second round draft pick that New England receives from the Jimmy Garoppolo trade is as early as possible