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Watch Patriots TE Dwayne Allen score a touchdown on his first catch of the year

It’s a party!


The New England Patriots are running away with this game against the Denver Broncos, building up a 27-9 lead at the half. The Patriots are not playing a perfect game on offense, stalling in the red zone twice, while the New England defense has been playing bend-don’t-break as well as they could. But there’s one major sign that everything is going the Patriots way.

Tight end Dwayne Allen caught a pass and it was good for a touchdown.

How about that? That was Allen’s first catch of the year and it came after he dropped another end zone target earlier in the game. Hopefully this will be a turning point for Allen to be a bigger part of the New England offense, especially in the red zone.

The Patriots lead 27-9; the Broncos get the ball after the half.