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Patriots vs Raiders: 5 sightseeing opportunities for NFL fans in Mexico City

Heading to Mexico City to watch the Patriots take on the Raiders? Here are a few things you should see and do while in town.

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San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images

Are you heading to Mexico City to watch the Patriots take on the Raiders this Sunday? It will be the first-ever game for the Patriots in Mexico and it’s sure to be an exciting experience for fans traveling to the game.

Sunday’s NFL game in Mexico City is also setting up to be a great opportunity for fans from the United States to experience the vast culture that Mexico City has to offer. If you’re traveling to Mexico City for the Patriots’ Week 11 game, be sure to stick around for the food, nightlife and sightseeing opportunities, too.

Here are five Mexico City destiations to see while you’re in town for the game.

1) Xochimilco – Located in the southern region of Mexico City, Xochimilco features hundreds of colorful trajineras boats that float along the canals of Lake Xochimilco. Gondolas are manned by a guide, who can be hired by the hour or for the afternoon.

2) Angel of Independence – At this landmark—one of the most recognized along Reforma Avenue—an angel sits atop a victory column that commemorates independence. Inspired by the boulevards of Paris, this is a great spot to snap a touristy photo.

3) Zócalo – The historic center of Mexico City, the Zócalo is one of the largest squares in the world and was historically the place of Aztec ceremonies. In present day, it hosts the swearing in of elected officials, modern religious celebrations, performances by major music acts and the annual Festival of Mexico.

4) Futura CDMX – This is a great way to start your trip! Get to know Mexico City’s history and geography to understand how it evolved to be the vibrant metropolis it is today. This new museum shows the transformation of the Mexican capital over time, reflecting on its past, present and future.

5) Chapultepec Castle – Want to see some of Mexico City’s most beautiful views while taking in history? If your answer is yes, consider visiting Chapultepec Castle. From when it was built in 1780 up until 1940, the castle served as the residence for all of Mexico’s presidents. In 1940, it became the National History Museum, which visitors can see today to can get a glimpse into the lives of presidents and emperors.

Bonus stop! Estadio Azteca – You’ll already be going here for Sunday’s NFL game! Located in the suburbs of Mexico City, Estadio Azteca is the home stadium of the Mexico national football (American soccer) team as well as Club América. One of the most famous soccer stadiums in the world, Estadio Azteca has hosted two World Cup Finals and was used for the 1968 Summer Olympics.

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