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Julian Edelman roasted Wes Welker about Super Bowl drop after making the game winning catch in Super Bowl XLIX

Most Pats fans try to forget that play, but Edelman made sure that Welker remembered

New England Patriots v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

This week, the Barstool Sports podcast Pardon My Take, hosted by Dan Katz and PFTCommenter, sat down with Julian Edelman for an hour long interview. They discussed a variety of things, including his career journey from youth football to the pros and Edelman’s new book.

Known around the league as a goofy, passionate, and outspoken person, Edelman had many funny anecdotes, including a conversation he had with Wes Welker after winning Super Bowl XLIX against the Seahawks.

Katz: So I heard this story, you can confirm this or deny it, but I heard a story that, I don’t remember if it was at the Kentucky Derby or maybe a private plane, something, somewhere where all of the guys were hanging out, and Wes Welker was giving you shit and he was saying “I was you before you were you,” busting your balls, and you said “Yeah but the only difference is that I made the catch in the Super Bowl and you didn’t.” True or false?

Edelman: (Laughs) That is one of those things, everyone has banter...

Katz: Sounds like it’s true! Was there tension between you and Wes?

Edelman: Wes is like an older brother, bro you know what I mean. You know everyone talks: when you get in a room full of fellows, you guys are tossing back some shots, you go from the Kentucky Derby to the Floyd Mayweather fight, you’re sitting there and it’s one of those things where you guys get to jawing and things are said.

PFTCommenter: Also, Welker was probably on 6 kinds of molly at the time so he doesn’t remember any of that.

Honestly, this is pretty hilarious to me on so many levels. One thing, that’s notable is that Wes Welker loves to play the horses and party, so that backstory with Edelman is definitely believable. He had previously went to the Breeders Cup during his bye week in 2013 with Dan Katz, and he was famously suspended for 2 games to start the 2014 season after taking molly laced with amphetamines at the Kentucky Derby.

And while Edelman may have roasted Welker about his famous 4th quarter drop against the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI, it’s good to see that they still talk and hang out, and have no hard feelings. The have a relationship where they can rib on one another and have fun about it, and honestly, those are the best kind of friendships.

Also included in the interview were a number of fantastic stories about his Patriots career. Some highlights include...

  • A 1st hand account of how he was introduced to the slot cornerback position in 2011 and ended Ladainian Tomlinson’s career on his first career defensive snap.
  • What it’s like to practice under Bill Belichick and study film.
  • His story about how he wasn’t concussed by that Kam Chancellor hit in Super Bowl XLIX.
  • His account about his road to recovery from his torn ACL and using TB12 facilities.
  • Edelman discussing how Gronk is “a genius”, “great with numbers” and is extremely smart in film study.

It’s good to see that despite suffering a season ending injury, Julian still has his sense of humor and charisma. He’s on track to make a full recovery and return for the 2018 season, the first year of a 2-year, $11 million extension he signed in June.