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WATCH: Patriots receivers Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola discover Mexico in NFL Network special

The 20-minute special is must-watch television.

Tomorrow, as part of the NFL's international series, the New England Patriots will play against the Oakland Raiders in Mexico City. In order to promote the game, the league sent two players from the Patriots south of the border to film a special that recently aired on NFL Network and has since been uploaded to YouTube: Edelman's and Amendola's Adventures in Mexico.

New England wide receivers Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola spent four days in and around Mexico City to discover the country and connect with locals. The result is must-see television told and – at least according to the clip – directed by the two veteran wideouts, who played integral roles in New England's last two Super Bowl victories.

The clip, which features Amendola and Edelman as narrators, starts with the duo arriving in Mexico City and the latter of the two quickly noticing the high altitude: “Every sixth step of mine, I get a short breath.” The duo then visited the scene of tomorrow's game, Estadio Azteca, played soccer with a group of kids and experienced the city's famous Mercado de San Juan.

Day two shows Amendola and Edelman, who will not play tomorrow due to an ACL injury, enter the ring to participate in a “Lucha Libre” Mexican wrestling match: La Ardilla (The Squirrel) versus El Zorro (The Fox). The following day, the duo visits the “Black Jaguar – White Tiger Ranch” before an autograph signing session in downtown Mexico City. “I feel like a Beatle,” Edelman says as the two arrive.

The final day of the trip features Edelman and Amendola visit the historic site of Teotihuacan, northeast of Mexico City. The two wideouts take a ride in a hot air balloon before visiting the ancient ruins. The 20-minute show ends with Edelman singing a song about the two receivers' trip, during which Amendola plays the guitar.

All in all, 20 minutes well spent. Click here to watch the video on YouTube.