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Week 9 Thursday Night Football Jets vs Bills: Live updates and Patriots rooting guide

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New England Patriots v New York Jets

The (3-5) New York Jets host the (5-2) Buffalo Bills for Thursday Night Football. Kickoff is at 8:25 PM ET on NFL Network.

A Buffalo victory would be fascinating because they would move to 6-2 and match the Pittsburgh Steelers, Kansas City Chiefs, and New England Patriots for the best record in the AFC, at least until Sunday afternoon when the Chiefs play the Dallas Cowboys; the Patriots and Steelers are both on bye weeks.

If the Bills do move to 6-2, they will hold first place in the AFC East by virtue of a superior division record. The Bills beat the Jets in the season opener and would move to 2-0, while the Patriots have played just one divisional game against the Jets and sit at 1-0.

With New England relegated to a wild card seed, Buffalo would enter a three-way tie with the Steelers and Chiefs atop the AFC. The Chiefs have two losses to AFC teams, while the Steelers and Bills have just one AFC loss apiece, which means the Chiefs would take the third seed and Buffalo would be scheduled for a first round bye.

And with the Steelers and Bills going head to head for the first seed and homefield advantage, the Steelers have the advantage by virtue of strength of victory, so Buffalo would be the second seed.

Hopefully none of this ever happens because the Patriots will be rooting heartily for the Jets to beat the Bills. Go Jets, go!

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