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Cowboys tight end Jason Witten is another player following Tom Brady’s health plan

Brady is growing a following.

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New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Mike Stone/Getty Images

According to MMQB, Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten joins Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, half a dozen New England Patriots players, and handfuls of other players around the NFL in following the TB12 method of dieting and recovery as established by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

“Witten [...] plays a physical position, he’s 35, he’s missed one game (as a rookie, in 2003), and two practices in 15 years of professional football [... and] he’s totally changed how he prepares and how he uses technology to stay on top of his nagging physical issues,” MMQB’s Peter King writes. “Witten says he’s learned from reading what Brady’s done, and learned from the Cowboys athletic trainers who have taught him about dry-needling, an acupuncture-like treatment designed to soothe pain in specific areas of the body; jet-stream-focused water-pressure treatment in fitness pools; and other tissue-enhancing aids like compression pants and deep-tissue massage and dynamic stretching and flexing the day after the body has been stressed or injured.

“Witten says early in his career he believed the day after the game was for rest, purely, and maybe a massage. Now he realizes he’s got to move, and he’s got to attack his vulnerable areas. ‘I feel a lot better this time of year, this year, than I did six or eight years ago at this point of the season,’ said Witten.’

‘I’ve read a lot about Brady,’ he told me. ‘It’s inspiring what he’s doing. I really think he’s changing the game. Tom and his team have created a formula for all of us.’”

Look at that. Tom created a formula and everyone around the league is trying to extend their careers by following it. Brady’s more than willing to talk with players about his methods, having provided tips directly to Rodgers and Wilson over the offseason and actively sending his book to other players.

If it means we get to see some of the best players in NFL history play for an extra five years, that’s a pretty good benefit for the league as a whole.