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WATCH: Bill Belichick receives game ball after Patriots beat Raiders, earning him his 271st win

New England released its postgame locker room footage.


The New England Patriots' 33-8 victory over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday did not only improve the team's record to 8-2, tied for best in the AFC, it also helped head coach Bill Belichick achieve yet another milestone in his remarkable career: Due to the win, Belichick surpassed long-time Dallas Cowboys head coach Tom Landry with 271 combined career victories.

Because of the feat, team owner Robert Kraft presented Belichick with a game ball in the post-game locker room:

“We don't usually celebrate individual accomplishments,” Kraft said to the team and its head coach. “Today, you guys helped this gentleman become third all-time of wins in the 97-year history of the NFL.” Belichick upon receiving the game ball, calmy noted that this honor “is about our team”.

The Patriots also released more post-game locker room footage on their website. The clip starts with players and coaches congratulating each other before Belichick offered his remarks on the game: “Fellas, this was a great job. All three legs of the trip. It's a way to really push through it. You guys really worked your ass of this week and it showed up.”

The head coach then announced that the team would be “off until Wednesday” before noting that a “really good day” would be needed when practice resumes. After Kraft awarding Belichick with the game ball, the post-game huddle was then broken down – and with Matthew Slater in Massachusetts to rehab his injured hamstring, it was Danny Amendola's turn.