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“Tom Brady for MVP” Exhibit 137: Every other quarterback is terrible when pressured

It’s sad that we need to make this argument.

NFL: New England Patriots at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is the most valuable player in the NFL and it’s incorrect to try and make the argument for anyone else. That’s simply the start and finish of the debate.

Brady has 345 more passing yards than any other quarterback, highlighting his volume, and leads the league in yards per attempt, showcasing his efficiency. He ranks second in touchdown passes and first in interception rate as he puts points on the board for New England and avoids making mistakes. His passer rating is the best in the league.

The other “rivals” for MVP- Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and Saints quarterback Drew Brees- should fall even further away when you include their supporting defense. The Eagles rank 7th in yards and points allowed and the Saints rank 13th in yards and 8th in points allowed.

The Patriots rank 32nd in yards allowed and 12th in points allowed. Again, it should be no contest.

Yet here we are with the debate, and so ESPN provided another stat that enforces Brady’s position atop the leaderboard: passer rating when pressured.

That’s incredible. Brady has a passer rating of 136.6 while pressured. The average passer rating in the NFL is 86.3. Wentz is similar to a league-average quarterback when pressured; Brees is the 4th-worst.

Brady reaches historic levels of production.

Stop the fight. Brady is the MVP.

Current odds: Brady (5/8); Wentz (17/10); Brees (8/1)

Note: Pro Football Focus has Tom Brady with a passer rating of 110.8 while under pressure, the best mark in the lead. The difference comes with how each agency grades pressure. Regardless, Brady is the best.