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So the Chiefs signed former Patriots CB Darrelle Revis to a 2-year deal

He’s baaaaack.

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs defense is going through some serious problems. Over the first four weeks of the season, they ranked 11th in points allowed and 6th in opposing passer rating. They ranked 23rd in rushing yards per attempt and yards allowed per play, and 27th in yards but that also aligns with most teams that have leads and play prevent late.

Since week 5, the Chiefs rank 16th in opposing passer rating, 17th in points allowed, 29th in rushing yards per attempt, and 30th in yards allowed per play. They’ve dropped from 11th in defensive DVOA to 25th- from roughly 5% better than the average defense to 10% worse. They have the 20th ranked pass defense and 32nd ranked run defense.

The loss of safety Eric Berry in week 1 certainly didn’t help and pass rusher Dee Ford’s back injury has been a persistent issue. But instead of adding a player to help with the run defense, the Chiefs decided to sign a veteran cornerback by the name of Darrelle Revis.

How’s that for a surprise signing?

Revis is expected to start opposite of Marcus Peters and reunites with Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, who used to coach Revis with the New York Jets from 2007-12. The Chiefs needed a #2 cornerback with every other cornerback on the roster disappointing in their stints in the lineup and Revis is a fine option when he’s playing for the veteran minimum.

The former All Pro cornerback is no longer the feared defensive back that he was earlier in his career, but he was certainly serviceable with the Jets- just not at his incredibly inflated price tag. So his familiarity with the Chiefs defensive system and his theoretical abilities make him a fine late-season addition.

But does he fix any of the Chiefs problems? While he should provide a boost to the pass defense, he’s certainly not going to help against the run- and with Peters not interested in tackling in the open field, the Chiefs could be playing without two potential tacklers at cornerback.

There’s a chance he plays on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills and we will be able to see what the Chiefs have in mind.