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Injury update: Patriots star duo Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski give updates on their injuries

The Patriots offensive players should be able to play on Sunday.

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The New England Patriots were without QB Tom Brady (Achilles) and TE Rob Gronkowski (illness) for Wednesday’s practice, but they returned to the field in a limited capacity for Thursday. We will post Friday’s practice and injury report when available, but both Brady and Gronkowski spoke with the media on Friday and gave their own injury updates.

“I feel great,” Brady said about his injury. “Yeah, ready to go, so I’ll be excited for Sunday. It was good just to get a little extra treatment, and I’m feeling great this time of year. So, it’ll be a fun week. Nothing to worry about.”

Brady is clearly the most important member of the Patriots so hopefully his Achilles injury doesn’t play a role on Sunday or ever. He should be on the field for every offensive snap on Sunday.

Gronkowski spoke a little more about his illness.

“I'm good,” Gronkowski said. “Just a little illness that went by quick. Definitely thankful for that, that it was super quick and back. I'm good to go. Had a good practice today [...] I just really don't know what it was. I mean I wouldn't say it was [altitude-related]. I was fine out there the whole time [in Mexico City].”

Gronkowski’s illness seems to be a quick, passing problem that should be in the past and he should also be a big part of the Patriots game plan on Sunday.