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WATCH: Big play from Tom Brady to Brandin Cooks sets up Rex Burkhead's second touchdown

New England is up 21-7 against Miami.

(c) CBS

The New England Patriots were in cruise control to open their game against the Miami Dolphins but quickly found their lead cut to 14-7 after a bad snap by backup center Ted Karras was scooped up by the visitors and returned for a touchdown. The Patriots responded in style, though, and answered with their third touchdown of the day.

The score was set up by a big play on third down: A 37-yard pass from Tom Brady to Brandin Cooks.

Immediately after the big play, Rex Burkhead carried the football 22 yards to the Dolphins 1-yard line. And it was Burkhead who scored only two plays later to give New England a 21-7 lead:

(c) CBS

The touchdown catch from Tom Brady, coming out of a big three tight end-set – similar to the ones New England rather successfully used in 2015 – was Burkhead's second score of the day.