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Patriots vs Dolphins sideline footage: Matt Patricia told defensive backs how to intercept Miami deep balls

Look out for the wind, Patricia advised.

The New England Patriots released their Bose Sights and Sounds of the Game from week 12 against the Miami Dolphins and it’s clearly they’ve really wanted to ramp up their production quality this year. Instead of their standard Player Audio Clip - Play from the Game - Player Audio Clip sort of structure in previous years, this video tries to use graphics and transitions that, if I’m quite honest, are pretty distracting.

Still, there’s always good insight from the coaches behind the scenes, specifically from defensive coordinator Matt Patricia.

“Alright, look, listen, here’s the point,” Patricia is seen telling his defensive backs. “Remember this. Any deep ball going towards the light house, especially on our sideline, ain’t going to make it. You understand what I’m saying? It’s going to come up short. So once you catch up, be ready to turn and get the ball.”

Then the video cut to Stephon Gilmore intercepting the ball in the end zone.

There are some other good quotes from offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia, providing his standard consistent support, and from offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels cheering his players on from the sideline.

Watch the video here.