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Week 9 NFL afternoon games live updates and Patriots rooting guide

Join in the discussion!

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

There is still a lot of football left today! Use this as the open thread for discussion.

4:05 PM ET

Washington at Seahawks (-7.5): This game doesn’t matter to the Patriots. Go Washington, though, because the Seahawks are a pretty good team.

Cardinals (-2) at 49ers: The Patriots will be rooting against the 49ers all year for the sake of their new shiny second round draft pick. Go Cardinals.

4:25 PM ET

Chiefs at Cowboys (-2): Super easy one. Go Cowboys. Get the Chiefs away from the top of the AFC.

8:30 PM ET

Raiders (-2.5) at Dolphins: Another easy one. Go Raiders, sink the Dolphins.