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WATCH: ESPN releases trailer of “30 for 30: The Two Bills” about Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells

Take a first look at the trailer here.

(c) ESPN

As head coaches, they combine for 718 games of coaching experience, 452 total wins and seven Super Bowl titles. One of them has already been enshrined into the Hall of Fame, the other will join him five years after he decides to retire as head coach of the New England Patriots: Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick are two of the most successful coaches in pro football history.

They not only share the same first name but also 14 years of working together. As was announced yesterday, ESPN in cooperation with NFL Films has made a documentary about those 14 years and how they have shaped the two men since then: 30 for 30: The Two Bills.

30 for 30 has given birth to some high-quality documentaries in the past and this absolutely looks like it will join them as one of the series' best. After all, Belichick and Parcells do not only share a history of success together – they have won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants – but have also parted ways in one of the most stunning moments in recent NFL memory.

In January 2000, when Belichick was supposed to take over as the New York Jets's head coach after Parcells' retirement, he instead announced his resignation. Three weeks afterwards, Belichick joined the Patriots as their new head coach and the rest is history. And this history will now be re-told by the men who lived it and, according to the trailer, released this winter.