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Bill Belichick highlights 4 Bills players that the Patriots will focus on stopping on Sunday

Buffalo has a lot of play-makers.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick previewed the Buffalo Bills in this week’s Belestrator feature, where his highlighted their play-making ability on both sides of the football. You can watch the video here.

First, Belichick highlights Bills RB LeSean McCoy and how elusive he is in the open field and how great of a job Buffalo’s offensive line does in the running game. Then Belichick spends more time discussing the merits of Bills QB Tyrod Taylor.

“This is a problem play,” Belichick said as the Bills quarterback earned more time in the backfield. “Taylor, very good quarterback, he does an excellent job of extending plays...He can go anywhere, he’s very athletic...spy looks good on the blackboard, [but] you got to be able to get him...spy is not the answer to every problem.”

The Patriots can’t simply ask a player to watch Tyrod the entire game because Taylor’s too athletic to be covered by a linebacker- and using a defensive back weakens the Patriots already questionable run defense. So look for the defense to ask multiple players to watch Taylor all game.

Belichick analyzed the Bills defense and highlighted LB Lorenzo Alexander and DB Micah Hyde in particular.

“Buffalo does a real good job turning the ball over, fumbles, interceptions, strip sacks,” Belichick said. “Ball security is going to be a big issue for us this week.”

You can watch the video here.