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WATCH: Roger Goodell gives a Patriots fan with terminal cancer Super Bowl tickets

The NFL Commissioner showed up in person and surprised a firefighter suffering from brain cancer with tickets to the Super Bowl.

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

God bless us, every one!

Christmas is a great time of year for most of us. Seeing the family. The food. Appreciating what you have and giving gifts to the people you love to show them what they mean to you. Friends you haven’t seen all year. Hunkering down with everyone and watching the classic Christmas movies. And, of course, nothing beats a good old-fashioned New England White Christmas.

For families going through some tough times, though, the holidays can be absolutely brutal. And in a line that I honestly never thought I would type, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has brought pure, unabashed joy to a Patriots fan suffering from brain cancer - all with what the kids call a “Random Act of Kindness”.

7 News Boston caught the story last week of Roger Goodell personally visiting Patriots fan Bill Duggan, a volunteer fire chief living in Tarrytown, NY, and giving Bill the gift that most football fans can only dream of - tickets to this year’s Super Bowl, which, of course, the New England Patriots are current Vegas favorites to be playing in.

The backstory that got this whole thing moving is a GoFundMe page started by Bill’s friends to help him cross his Number 1 goal off his bucket list - going to the Super Bowl. Somehow, Roger Goodell caught wind of the story, and rolled into Duggan’s firehouse to hand-deliver some tickets so Bill could live his dream.

“I was speechless, and the guys here know I’m not speechless very often,” Duggan said.

“It was shocking,” Duggan said. “…I told my friends to pinch me,” he later added.

Oh, what’s that, is there video? Of course there’s video! Get ready to feel things, people.

Chief Duggan is fighting stage four brain cancer, and just started chemotherapy this week. If you know anyone that’s been through chemo, it’s an absolutely miserable experience, and any kind of bright spots and kindness in the midst of all the treatments can do wonders for a man’s morale. And Roger Goodell’s gift has this Patriots fan that very well may get to see his boys Blitz for 6 in real time fired up.

“I’m gonna get better, and I’m gonna beat this thing, and let’s go Pats!” Duggan said.

If you want to donate to Bill’s GoFundMe, you can chip in here.