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Jimmy Garoppolo was mic’d up and he sounds like a clone of Tom Brady

It’s spooky.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has won three straight games as the starter for his new team and he’s growing a devout following in the Bay Area. His first and third wins involved come-from-behind field goal drives in the final seconds, while the second win was a strong victory over the Houston Texans.

Garoppolo was mic’d up this past week against the Tennessee Titans and NFL Turning Point showed the young quarterback’s command of his new offense and how his confidence was infectious with his teammates. You can also watch a longer video here.

Oh, and he sounds like a clone of Tom Brady. It’s creepy.

“You just have to stay cool and go execute.”

“Let’s go answer, O. Big time drive now, huh? Let’s go execute. Talk to each other, go execute, every play.”

“Keep stringing them together, fella, one play after another here. Let’s go finish this one, huh? Let’s go finish this one.”

“It was a good two minute drill, lot of good execution across the board, every guy stepping up in their own way.”

“They can’t handle your quickness...we want to hit the middle because their safeties are super wide.”

“Come on, baby. You know what time it is!”

“Let’s go!!!!!!”

Garoppolo is going to make “go execute” go viral in San Francisco and I’m a little jealous because that’s an awesome catch phrase. So is, “Come on Robbie, one time. One time.”

But if you substitute “let’s go” for “go execute,” then you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Garoppolo and Brady just by looking at the transcript.

I hope Garoppolo keeps his win streak alive this week with the Jacksonville Jaguars coming to town because another 49ers victory combined with a New England victory would secure a first round bye for the Patriots.