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WATCH: Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski makes one of the best catches of the year versus Bills

Spectacular play by New England's tight end.

Despite the final score of 36-17, the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills played a close game for the first three quarters - a back-and-forth campaign that saw the home team ultimately come out on top but not without a fight from the visitors. How tight the contest was was perfectly examplified by a second quarter touchdown pass from Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski.

It was close but ultimately enough - and it was one of the most spectacular receptions of the season:

The touchdown, which tied the contest at 10 midway through the second period, shows just how good the chemistry between Brady and Gronkowski is - and how much the quarterback trusts his tight end to make a play when given the chance. Even though Gronkowski was covered tightly, Brady threw the back-shoulder pass and the NFL's premier tight end made a one-handed catch to haul it in while keeping both feet in bounds.

A great catch by one of the league's great players.