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Watch the Patriots locker room celebration after defeating the Bills 37-16

It was Merry Christmas wishes all around for the Patriots.

The New England Patriots defeated the division rival Buffalo Bills 37-16 and all of the players and coaches were wishing one another a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. You can watch the video here, along with Bill Belichick’s postgame speech.

“Alright that’s a good job fellas,” Belichick said. “Good second half, that’s what we needed. That’s the half we needed. We didn’t have it in the first half, but that was good in the second half. That’s 12 wins, so we gave ourselves a good present today.

“Congratulations, that was a good week this week. I know that was a tough week coming off the Pittsburgh game. But I thought you guys came in with a good attitude, good work ethic on Wednesday and Thursday. Got us through the week here. We need to do that again.

“Every week now the games keep getting bigger. We’re playing for more every week, they’re getting bigger, so we got to approach them that way.

“Congratulations men, Merry Christmas, see you Wednesday.”

Matthew Slater also broke down the team with a happy “ho, ho, ho!”

You can watch the video here.