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2017 in review: The 40 best Patriots photos of the year

Let’s take a look at some of 2017’s best shots.

Just like the NFL's regular season, the year 2017 will come to a close tomorrow. Of course, this gives us plenty of opportunities to stop and take a look back at what has been an eventful and once again highly successful year for the New England Patriots. We will have more coverage on the stories that made 2017 as memorable as it turned out to be but for now take a more visual approach.

Scroll through the gallery above to relive the year not through stories or statistics, quotes or analysis but via images shot by our partners at Getty Images and USA Today. Their photographers visit all NFL games and provide us every week with stunning pictures that cover the essence of professional football. 2017 has been no different – from the Super Bowl through preseason through the regular season and playoffs.

Enjoy the trip down the memory lane that was the year 2017.