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Patriots-Bills press conferences: Tom Brady explains his sideline spat with Josh McDaniels

Bill Belichick and Devin McCourty also spoke with the media.

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski did not go to the podium after the game, but the team sent their other standard representatives to discuss the team’s 23-3 victory over the Buffalo Bills.

Here are the key quotes.

Head coach Bill Belichick

Q: Bill, with no Trey Flowers for the day and an increased workload for Eric Lee, the interception and a couple sacks, some other pressures as well, what is it about Eric's aptitude that's allowed him to come in this stage of the season in two weeks and make such an impact?

“Well, first of all, he's worked really hard. From the first day he got here, he came early, stayed late, [and] asked a lot of good questions. He's smart; he picks things up well. I think that his time in Houston was beneficial for him, again. I think a lot of the techniques we teach are similar to what Mike [Vrabel] and the Texans teach. Obviously, there's some different calls and stuff, but a lot of the fundamentals, there's some carry over on that and probably just in general, the overall way that he played down there and he was able to – some of that translated to what we do. He was able to, from a technique standpoint, pick things up. Obviously, some assignments he had were specific to what we do, but again, he's a sharp kid. He works hard and he's got good skills. He's long, and he's got good power and he can run.”

FS Devin McCourty

Q: Is it possible to describe from the inside what it's like to dominate your division the way you guys have through your entire time here?

“I think for us it's more of understanding what kind of game it is. Obviously we've won a lot, but you work for the game. This wasn't a game where you just come out and it's an easy, dominant game where you're hanging out in the third quarter, you know? It was a good game. They always play tough, coming here is a hard place to play. Our division always plays us tough and we know that, so I don't even think we look at it like that. We just know how prepared we have to be when we play within this division.”

QB Tom Brady

Q: It looked like you and Josh McDaniels had some words there the second quarter I think it was. Could you shed any light on the exchange?

“Just football. We've been around each other a lot so I love Josh.”

Q: Not specifically but in general, when you are competing and working with someone that has a little explosion, is that kind of test to scale off and then go over and sit down and iron it out? Is that just kind of how things go in terms of things bubble up and then you move on?

“Yeah I mean it's nothing, it's just football. Just football. Bring two competitive people and it's just the way it goes.”

Q: Were you frustrated today?

“I wish we scored every time we touched the ball. You know, scored touchdowns every possession. I thought they played pretty good on defense and they did a good job. It's a new defense, a new scheme, new players and you just have to learn and adjust and try and get the win. Any time you win on the road against division opponents, it's a good win. So we have to keep it going.”

And on a side note, Patrick Chung gave an excellent update on his hand injury, via Twitter:

He’ll be fine.