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New NFL record: Tom Brady now has the most wins against a single opponent in NFL history

The Patriots quarterback has more wins over the Bills than any other quarterback has against a single opponent.

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady helped defeat the Buffalo Bills 23-3 on Sunday and earned his 27th career victory against Buffalo. That marks the most wins by any quarterback against a single opponent in NFL history, breaking a tie with Brett Favre’s 26 wins over the Detroit Lions.

Brady is 27-3 against the Bills.

Tom Brady also has the third-most with 24 wins against the New York Jets and will get a chance to inch closer to holding the top two spots when they play in the season finale.

Favre also has 23 wins over the Chicago Bears and Dan Marino has 22 wins over the Indianapolis Colts, rounding out the top five.

Brady also earned his 55th career victory in December, the most wins in a single month by a quarterback in NFL history. He also broke his tie with Peyton Manning for the most seasons with 10+ victories at quarterback with 15. Brady also moved into a tie with George Blanda for the second-most wins by an NFL player with 218, trailing only kicker Adam Vinatieri at 224.