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Roger Goodell Gets New Deal, Signs 5 Year Extension

Our beloved commish isn’t going anywhere.

NFL: International Series-NFL UK Live Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After extensive polling and listening to the concerns of the fans of professional football, the NFL has decided to give the people what they want and keep Roger Goodell as the league’s commissioner for the foreseeable future.

Despite some initial pushback, primarily from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, the NFL’s Compensation Committee just alerted owners that the new deal has been finalized. Exact terms have yet to be reported, but the deal is said to be worth up to $200 million.

There are few commissioners as universally hated by the fans as Roger Goodell - but you can’t ignore the fact that the business of football has thrived under his tenure. Sure, the product has suffered, the image has been tarnished, the players have been vocal, the fans boo him louder than ever, and ratings are starting to plummet - but boy oh boy has Goodell made the owners money. And that’s all that really matters, right?

Everyone is entitled to the own opinions about Goodell and what kind of leader he is, but it’s tough to argue that he hasn’t done the job he is being paid to do by the owners, which helps to explain this extension. Whether we like it or not (news flash: we don’t) Goodell is going to be the commissioner until at least 2024 - assuming the inevitable work stoppage in a few years once this latest CBA is up doesn’t kill the sport of football altogether.

Check back with Pats Pulpit for more details about Goodell’s contract as they become available - assuming you have any interest in this kind of thing.