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Dean Blandino: James White's game-winning touchdown was reviewed and legit

The NFL's Senior Vice President of officiating confirmed that James White's overtime touchdown that ended the Super Bowl was reviewed and the ruling of a touchdown was correct.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Let's be honest, you show me 100 people that say they were 100% sure that James White's game-winning touchdown in overtime crossed the goal-line, and I'll show you 5 people with unbreakable confidence and 95 liars.  Sure, the officials called it a touchdown almost immediately, and the replay definitely looks like the ball must've crossed the plane, if just by an inch or two, but when they started replaying it again and again, it's pretty freaking close.

By now, you've surely seen some Falcons fans (or fans of 30 other teams too, I guess) posting screenshots and swearing up and down that James White didn't cross the goal line, didn't score, and the whole thing is just the Patriots getting away with something, again.  That would suck, right?

Fortunately, NFL Senior VP of Officiating Dean Blandino has confirmed that there was no tomfoolery, shenanigans, or trickery going down on Super Bowl Sunday - the play was reviewed, as all scoring plays are, the ruling on the field was confirmed, and James White's third touchdown of the Super Bowl iced it.

Here's what Blandino had to say:

"The officials were briefed prior to the start of the drive that if we had a touchdown and it was close, replay is going to stop the game immediately to review the play. We have to keep the sidelines off the field; try to keep everyone off the field. Almost impossible in this scenario but we are going to review this play if it's remotely close."

"The play did go under review, the referee looked at it. Remember, the ball just has to break the plane of the goal line prior to the runner being down by contact."

You guys like videos? I like videos.  Let's watch one!

Glad we got that settled.  Just another one of the "Oh my GOD" plays that New England just had to have to piledrive the record for largest deficit overcome in a Super Bowl.

I mean, it was a record they had tied two years ago against the best defense in the NFL, but still.  You get the idea.