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New England Patriots links 2/14/17 - Patriots have their own Valentine

Daily news and links for 2/14/17

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Have a happy Valentine's day Vincent
Have a happy Valentine's day Vincent
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  • Mark Maske (Washington Post) Deflategate is over. So why won’t the Patriots let it go?
  • 98.5 Sports Hub guest Jason La Canfora talks about the rumblings that the NFL league office is displeased with the way the Patriots have handled winning the Super Bowl. (2.24 min. video)
  • Phil Perry notes Robert Kraft says players are free to skip the White House visit ("a dozen" players skip each time). 'This is America. We're all free to do what's best for us.'
  • Cameron DaSilva (Fox Sports) Tom Brady offers his thoughts on Patriots skipping White House visit.