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WATCH: Patriots release an epic Super Bowl LI tribute video

The team’s own Super Bowl tribute video might be the most epic one yet.

Following the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl win, a lot of specials about the team’s 34-28 come-from-behind victory over the Atlanta Falcons have been released. NFL Network released a one-hour "Sound FX" episode about the game, Showtime’s "Inside the NFL" and NBC’s "Turning Point" discussed the game in great detail as well.

After having already posted short clips about the game throughout the last week, the Patriots released their own Super Bowl LI tribute earlier today. And the six-minute cinematic video about how the team won its fifth world championship might be the most epic one yet.

The clip is basically no different from other mic’d up and behind-the-scenes videos. However, the use of slow motion, camera angles and sound - including from the last Patriots Super Bowl when quarterback Tom Brady was carrying a microphone - creates an atmospheric experience different from the ones produced by NFL Films.

Click here to visit New England’s website and watch the clip. It is well worth the time.