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NFL Hall of Fame: Tom Brady Wrote a Recommendation for Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor got a Hall of Fame recommendation from a fairly unlikely source.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Tom Brady apparently took a break from all of the cheating, whining, and overall scumbaggery that has made him one of the most hated athletes on the planet to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of his former divisional rival Jason Taylor for induction into the NFL Hall of Fame.

According to an article on Talk Fame Sports, Taylor was "floored" to learn that Tommy B had taken the time to endorse him for professional football's greatest honor, particularly in light of how busy he was at the time preparing for another postseason run - not to mention caring for a sick mother. As to why Brady would do something like that, Taylor had the best response:

That’s a good question," said Taylor. "You know what the beauty of that is? I didn’t even ask Tom for it.

Anyone who watched the Patriots in the late 90s/early 2000s will remember Taylor as the guy who almost single-handedly ruined offensive drives, buried quarterbacks, embarrassed New England linemen, and is probably the main reason why Matt Light still wakes up screaming in the middle of the night sometimes. He's one of the most electric defensive ends of all time, and his induction into the Hall, on the first ballot nonetheless, is more than warranted and well-deserved, and the fact that a quarterback who spent a good chunk of his career running in terror from this man personally recommended him for the Hall is a pretty awesome move. Every time I think I'm finally starting to figure out the complicated splendor that is Brady, I'm blown away anew.

I'm sure there are those who are wondering why Tommy B didn't write a letter endorsing teammate Ty Law instead of Taylor, and maybe even those who are going to once again spin this latest good deed as Brady being a classless jerk for not looking out for his own guy.  And to those people, I ask the following question: when your mother says you look very handsome, how much weight do you give that endorsement? When your grandfather says you're the smartest kid in the world, how seriously do you take it? Now what if your biggest rival were to say that you just did something pretty impressive? Which of those three scenarios will probably go the farthest? I'm sure Tommy B will be pushing as hard as anybody for Law to get in, and who knows - maybe this is some kind of long-game to get Taylor to endorse Law now that he's in - but I think he knows his word meant more for a divisional foe than for his own guy, and the level of respect here is pretty awesome.

So congrats again to Jason Taylor. I can't say I miss seeing you on the field, but greatness recognizes greatness, and it's moments like these that remind us why sports are so wonderful.