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New England Patriots links 2/15/17 - Franchise Tag window is now open

Daily news & links for 2/15/17

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  • Mike Reiss explains the franchise and transition tags and makes a case for both sides on whether the Patriots should assign a tag to Dont'a Hightower.
  • Adam Kurkjian suggests the Patriots might be ready to use the franchise tag on Hightower or Bennett.
  • Ryan Hannable wonders if it makes sense for the Patriots to use the franchise tag this year, and notes the team has used it once since 2013.
  • Hector Longo makes the case that Jimmy Garoppolo isn't going anywhere at any price.
  • Mike Dussault (PatsPropaganda) Time to put out the Blount.
  • Ryan Hannable says the biggest question with Jimmy Garoppolo now is not if he'll be traded, but it's which team he'll be traded to.
  • Adam Kurkjian notes Eric Mangini does not think the Patriots will trade Jimmy Garoppolo.
  • Miguel Benzan (PatsFans) Patriots reportedly want to extend their greatest player ever: Tom Brady.
  • Steve Balestrieri (PatsFans) Patriots free agent profiles: Malcolm Butler and Dont'a Hightower.
  • NESN posts Julian Edelman's video where he opens his 'Edelman's Catch' seafood restaurant.
  • Mike Reiss passes along the sad news that Logan Schoenhardt, the 10-year-old fan who had developed a bond with Patriots QB Tom Brady while fighting a brain tumor, died Monday.
  • Nick O'Malley mentions how for once, it was Tom Brady's turn to blindside Jason Taylor.
  • Ryan Hannable notes Tom Brady reveals when he might retire, but it won't be anytime soon.
  • NESN shows how Tom Brady celebrates Valentine's Day with a touching shout-out to his beautiful family.
  • Phil Perry passes along a report that the NFL merely issued a warning to the Seahawks for failing to disclose an injury Richard Sherman dealt with during the season.
  • Adam Kurkjian NFL Notes: Tom Brady backs his teammates' choices; Seattle gets off with a warning (strongly worded, I'm sure); Chargers ticket prices.
  • Kevin Slane recaps Seth Meyers staging a mock interview with ‘The guy who stole Tom Brady’s jersey.’



  • Josh Alper (ProFootballTalk) Brady on response to Goodell: I won’t give away my power to anyone else.
  • Michael Hurley has photographic proof that plenty of Patriots have skipped White House trips in the past.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) USA Today warps Brady’s words on White House visit (updated).
  • Alex Reimer talks about how USA Today grossly misrepresents Tom Brady's comments on the Patriots White House visit.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) Tom Brady due to "talk to somebody this week" about search for jersey.
  • Ross Tucker (Sports on Earth) New NFL concussion issue on the mind.