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WATCH: Patriots WR Julian Edelman dreams about opening a seafood restaurant

Seafood Tyme?

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is one of the most popular athletes in the Northeast. The 30-year old enjoys his status as a folk hero not only because of his productive and at times spectacular play on the gridiron but also because of his upbeat persona off it.

One part of this is Edelman’s series of YouTube clips. Whether it is him and fellow wide receiver Danny Amendola "cleaning the streets", Edelman visiting Israel, or promoting burgers and mixing smoothies, Edelman – just like on the football field – does it all at a highly entertaining level.

Now, New England’s number one wide receiver has released his latest video. It is based on a joke made by “Tonight Show”-host Jimmy Fallon during last week’s show. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and Edelman were Fallon’s guests and the host talked about the receiver’s ridiculous fourth quarter Super Bowl catch. With the play being one of the marquee moments of the game, Fallon suggested that Edelman should open a seafood restaurant named “Edelman’s Catch”.

Well, in his newest YouTube video Edelman dreams about doing just that.