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PICTURE: Patriots HC Bill Belichick has renamed his boat

Another Super Bowl victory, another name-change for the coach’s boat.

A Super Bowl victory entails multiple offseason tasks for the members of the winning team. This year, it is the New England Patriots and whether it is late night show appearances, the championship parade or the soon-to-come ring presentation, the players and coaches are in the middle of celebrating their well-earned Super Bowl LI win.

Another Patriots championship tradition is head coach Bill Belichick renaming his boat – respectively purchasing a new one with a different name. According to Barstool Sports, he wasted no time to do that:

In his 41 years of working as a head or assistant coach in the NFL, Belichick has been a part of seven championship teams – and every time he wins another, his boat’s name gets another update. And while the name changes, so does the number of rings shown. While Belichick has won seven Super Bowls, five of which have come as head coach and his boat – as visible on the "R" of the word "Rings" – reflects this as well.

On to "VIII Rings".