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Tom Brady, Best Buddies, and Pats Pulpit Gear: What More Could You Ask For?

Now you can represent our site with pride, all while giving to a great cause!

Paul Marotta/Getty Images

Tom Brady just capped off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. He left us on the highest of high notes as we all continue to enjoy this world championship offseason. So what better way to express your gratitude than contributing to one of his favorite charities, The Best Buddies Challenge?

Best Buddies is an organization dedicated to creating opportunities for mentorship and employment for individuals with mental and developmental disabilities, and Tom Brady and the Patriots have been partnering up with them for years now. As part of their fundraising efforts, Brady will be hosting a road race this June out on Cape Cod, and in a fit of temporary insanity, I signed up to run it. While I'm thrilled and honored to be representing Pats Pulpit on June 3rd when the event kicks off (full details here), the odds of me actually finishing the race are, at this point at least, pretty slim. If you want a sneak preview of what the race will be like...well, see if you can guess which one of these guys I am.

And since I'm not going to have a second of fun for the entire time, I may as well try and raise as much money as possible for the cause - which is where you all come in. The Patriots, and Tom Brady, have given us so much joy over the years, and this is one way we can start to give back. A donation to Best Buddies on behalf of Pats Pulpit will also help to give our humble little corner of the internet some more exposure, which could lead to better content and more opportunities down the road. So it's a win-win all around.

And in case giving to a great cause and supporting something very near and dear to Tom Brady's heart wasn't enough incentive, I'm happy to announce that I'll be giving away some pretty sweet Pats Pulpit swag as a way of saying thank you for donating.

The most exciting item we have to offer? A signed picture of yours truly, all but guaranteed to skyrocket in value, which can be yours with a donation of just $25. But if for some insane reason that isn't enough, we also have a pretty sweet ballcap and a polo shirt, each one complete with the Pats Pulpit logo.

Donation breakdown is:

$25 donation: Autographed picture of THE Alec Shane

$50-$75 donation: Autographed picture of THE Alec Shane and a Pats Pulpit customized ball cap

$75-$100 donation: Autographed picture of THE Alec Shane and a Pats Pulpit custom Polo Shirt

$100 - $250 donation: All three! Signed photo, ball cap, and Polo Shirt

$250+: Super top secret awesome prize

To donate, just click here to go to our team page and follow the instructions. Of course, you're all more than welcome to join Team Pats Pulpit and fundraise with me - you'll also have front row seats to watching me try to run, which is worth the cost of admission all on its own.

After you donate, Just send an email to with your proof of donation (which you'll get via email), preferred mailing address, and size if you're getting a Polo (we have men's and women's sizes).  If you've already contributed, don't worry - you're grandfathered in.

I hope to have some pictures to go along with these vivid, borderline photographic descriptions of the gear up soon, but for now, you can rest assured that they're awesome.

Thanks for all your help, and I'll see you on the course.