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WATCH: Patriots QB Tom Brady just posted the most incredible Super Bowl hype video

Are you ready for Super Bowl LI? Because Tom Brady is ready.

Posted by Tom Brady on Saturday, February 4, 2017

New England Patriots QB Tom “Shadow Lion” Brady just posted the most incredible Super Bowl hype video to his Facebook account and you need to take the 2 minutes to watch it.

I’m most interested in the players and plays that Brady chooses to highlight because they’ve been some of the most impactful players over the years.

WR Julian Edelman, EDGE Rob Ninkovich, CB Malcolm Butler, QB Jacoby Brissett, LB Tedy Bruschi, LB Mike Vrabel, WR Deion Branch, K Adam Vinatieri, RB Kevin Faulk, SS Rodney Harrison, DL Vince Wilfork, WR Randy Moss, WR Wes Welker, RB Brandon Bolden.

Brady also highlights Vinatieri’s game-winning field goals and Butler’s game-clinching interception.

Beyond the obvious omission of his linemen (where’s the Logan Mankins or Matt Light clip?), can we talk about the inclusion of Brissett and Bolden?

One of the things I’ve learned during Super Bowl week is that Brady has a serious bromance with Brandon Bolden. I don’t know why or how that started, but it exists and I kind of love it. Bolden is a free agent after this season, but he just turned 27 and is a key special teams player and a viable depth running back. He will have to beat out D.J. Foster for the job next season, but Brady’s relationship with Bolden is something to note.

And then the Brissett inclusion...does Brady hate Jimmy Garop- just kidding. Brissett embodies everything the Patriots want to represent, with the idea of Next Man Up and Team First and Do Your Job. Brissett played through an entire game against the Buffalo Bills where he couldn’t really hold the ball in his throwing hand, and the team adores him for it.

Go watch the video again. And again. The Super Bowl is tomorrow. Get hyped.