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Super Bowl LI Pregame Show: Can the Patriots stop the potent Falcons offense?

Alec and Rich cover it all!

The New England Patriots are set to play the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. This is the end of the line and the 2016 season is coming to a close.

Excuse us for getting a little sentimental.

Alec and Rich break down the biggest Patriots surprises from 2016, and examine what this Patriots team will be remembered for. The 2001 Patriots were the lovable underdogs. The 2003-04 Patriots are back-to-back champions. The 2007 Patriots were a juggernaut and the greatest offense in NFL history. The 2011 Patriots overcame the worst defense in the NFL. The 2014 Patriots came back from the dead.

Who are the 2016 Patriots?

Talk moves on to the game itself as Alec and Rich break down the keys to victory. Which player will be the biggest X Factor for New England? What do the Patriots have to do to win (other than score more points, duh).

Alec and Rich cover it all!