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Rapoport: Patriots plan to extend QB Tom Brady in the offseason

New England apparently trusts Brady to play at a high level into his 40s.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has done things no other player has been able to do in the history of the NFL. Not only is he the most successful and decorated quarterback ever – with a chance of adding to his impressive resume today –, he also has shown no signs of slowing down despite already being 39 years old.

And it seems as if the Patriots think he will be able to keep playing at a high level into his 40s. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the team wants to extend Brady’s contract this upcoming offseason:

#Patriots will look to extend QB Tom Brady next offseason, source says. Clear indication they believe his proclamation to play into his 40s.

In their long-term planning, #Patriots believe QB Tom Brady will play 3-5 more years, sources say. That's why trading Jimmy G is possible.

Given that Brady has played one of his best seasons in 2016, an extension makes sense from the Patriots’ perspective. After all, it seems as if they feel that Brady gives them the best chance to keep winning over the course of the next few years.

As Rapoport noted, this has a potential trickle-down effect on backup Jimmy Garoppolo. With Brady locked up long-term, the team would likely be willing to part ways with the 25-year old – at least if the return is right. Otherwise, keeping Garoppolo in the fold might have been an option.