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2017 NFL Draft: New England Patriots to pick 32nd overall in the first round

The Patriots draft pick is set after winning Super Bowl LI.

The New England Patriots won Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons, setting the draft picks for the 2017 NFL Draft. The Patriots are now expected to pick 32nd in each round as the winner of the Super Bowl.

Here are the Patriots projected draft picks

1st round: 32nd overall

2nd round: 64th overall

3rd round: 96th overall, Cleveland Browns 3rd round compensatory pick from LB Jamie Collins trade

4th round: Patriots own 4th round pick; Patriots also own the Seattle Seahawks 4th round pick, but will lose it as a penalty for DeflateGate

5th round: Denver Broncos 5th round pick, projected compensatory pick from losing DT Akiem Hicks in 2016 free agency; Patriots sent their own 5th round pick to the Browns for LB Barkevious Mingo

6th round: None; Patriots sent their own 6th round pick to the Detroit Lions for LB Kyle Van Noy

7th round: Patriots own 7th round pick; the Patriots had previously sent their own 7th round pick to the Lions for TE Michael Williams. The current belief is that the Lions sent it back in the Van Noy trade.