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The Patriots have set 24 new Super Bowl records yesterday

It truly was a game for the ages.

Super Bowl LI was a thriller; football at its most exciting. The New England Patriots’ 34-28 come-from-behind victory over the Atlanta Falcons has been a game for the ages not only because of the way it ultimately unfolded. It also saw a multitude of new records being established.

Overall, the Patriots were able to set 24 new Super Bowl records. Let’s take a look at them (via Nora Princiotti):

Most games – 7, Tom Brady

Most Games, Head Coach – 7, Bill Belichick

Most Games Won, Head Coach – 5, Bill Belichick

Most Points, Game – 20, James White

Most Passes, Career – 309, Tom Brady

Most Passes, Game – 62, Tom Brady

Most Completions, Career – 207, Tom Brady

Most Completions, Game – 43, Tom Brady

Most Passing Yards, Career – 2,071, Tom Brady

Most Passing Yards, Game – 466, Tom Brady

Most Touchdown Passes, Career – 15, Tom Brady

Most Receptions, Game – 14, James White

Most Games, Team – 9, New England

Largest Deficit Overcome, Winning Team – 25 points, New England

Most Points, Overtime Period, Team – 6, New England

Most First Downs, Game, Team – 37, New England

Most First Downs, Game, Both Teams – 54, New England vs. Atlanta

Most First Downs Passing, Game, Team – 26, New England

Most First Downs Passing, Game, Both Teams – 39, New England vs. Atlanta

Most Offensive Plays, Game, Team – 93, New England

Most Passes, Game, Team – 63, New England

Most Completions, Game, Team – 43, New England

Most Passing Yards, Game, Team – 442, New England

Most Passing Yards, Game, Both Teams – 682, New England vs. Atlanta

A lot of the records above were already held by the Patriots entering yesterday’s game. They were the result of the continued excellence of the team led by Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Therefore, the third individual listed above stands out: running back James White.

White has set two in-game records yesterday: No player has ever a) caught more passes in a single Super Bowl than the 25-year old’s 14 and b) scored more points in a single title game (20). White has been a standout performer for the Patriots’ yesterday and could very well have won the MVP trophy instead of Brady.

While the Patriots set 24 new records yesterday, they also tied five already standing:

Most Games Won – 5, Tom Brady

Most Touchdowns, Game – 3, James White

Most Two-Point Conversions, Game – 1, James White; Danny Amendola

Most Two-Point Conversions, Game, Team – 2, New England

Most Two-Point Conversions, Game, Both Teams – 2 New England vs. Atlanta

One more record was set yesterday. Atlanta defensive tackle Grady Jarrett became the first player to register 3.0 sacks in one game (for comparison, Patriots edge defender Trey Flowers had 2.5).

Most Sacks, Game (Since 1982) – 3, Grady Jarrett

All in all, Super Bowl LI was an instant classic – and the sheer number of new records set add to that.