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WATCH: Patriots QB Tom Brady takes apparent jab at Roger Goodell in new commercial

New England’s quarterback presents his "kinda new" Super Bowl ring in a new commercial.

Yesterday, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady won his fifth Super Bowl title. Today, a new commercial starring the greatest quarterback of all time is going viral around the internet: A follow-up to the Shields MRI-commercial Brady was part of earlier this year.

The newest one, just like the original, shows Brady store his four Super Bowl rings in a locker prior to taking an MRI. However, as opposed to the first commercial released in October, Brady answers the question "Is that all?" not with "for now". Instead, he pulls a fifth ring out of his pocket. When Brady is being told that he needs to get a bigger locker, he replies with "Roger that".

Of course, this could just be a coincidence but given the history between Brady and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, it seems as if the commercial ever so slightly takes a jab at the men who suspended Brady for four games without any evidence. But, feel free to judge for yourself.