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Watch: David Ortiz Reacts to Patriots Comeback

One Boston legend watched another Boston legend cement his status.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Of the exactly three billion reasons why I love being a Boston sports fans, right up there is how much love and respect the athletes across the four major sports have for each other.

If you look across the professional sports landscape, you don't see anywhere near the kind of crossover you get with the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins. The amount of encouragement and support the athletes of this city give each other through thick and thin is enough to get me all weepy all over again.

And all that was on full display last night at Red Sox legend David Ortiz's house, where he took to Instagram to let the world know how he felt about Tommy B's comeback. As expected, it includes some NSFW language:

Yeeeeeaaa let's go pats. Don't you ever go on the field before the end of the game.. That's bad luck

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How can you not love that guy? How can you not love this team? How can you not love this city? From the Red Sox to the Patriots and beyond, Boston is all about pride, respect, and championships. What a day.

And yes. I'm aware how nauseating all of this Patriots ballwashing is. But we're just getting started on the sap-fest, folks, so buckle up.