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2017 NFL: Patriots open as favorites to win Super Bowl LII

The ink isn’t dry, but the focus has shifted to 2017.

The New England Patriots are still basking in the glow of their Super Bowl LI victory over the Atlanta Falcons, but oddsmakers are already looking towards 2017. Bovada has released their odds to win Super Bowl LII and the Patriots are considered the favorites.

New England Patriots: 5/1
Dallas Cowboys: 9/1
Green Bay Packers: 9/1
Pittsburgh Steelers: 12/1
Atlanta Falcons: 14/1

It’s important to note that these initial odds are weighted by the enthusiasm of their fan bases; the Patriots, Cowboys, Packers, and Steelers rank among the most popular franchises in the NFL with a national following, so it makes sense that oddsmakers put them at the top with the lowest odds.

The Broncos, Vikings, Raiders, and Seahawks come in at 16/1, while the Panthers, Colts, Chiefs, and Giants are 25/1.

The Patriots are obvious favorite in the AFC as the Dolphins (50/1) have the worst odds of any #2 team in any division. The Bills (66/1) and the Jets (75/1) bring up the rear.