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New England Patriots links 2/07/17 - Patriots "bring this sucker" home

Patriots daily news & links for 2/07/17

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  • Fox25 reports that the End Zone Militia were denied permission to join the Patriots parade, unlike in years past. /C'mon Mr. Mayor... let 'em march.
  • Ryan Hannable reports the Patriots will also have a rally at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence on Tuesday afternoon.
  • Mike Reiss points out how the Patriots are defined by championships, and anything less is disappointing.
  • Christopher Gasper writes, Tom Brady shows that 'love trumps deflategate'.
  • Adam Kurkjian notes Tom Brady stays classy while receiving the MVP trophy from Roger Goodell.
  • Ian Logue (PatsFans) Brady never had any doubt: "How many times have we ever gotten blown out?"
  • Kevin Dillon calls Tom Brady's Super Bowl LI comeback his finest hour in a career filled with them.
  • Ben Volin details how James White went from unheralded back to Super Bowl sensation.
  • Mike Reiss highlights how Dont'a Hightower once again proves his value to the Patriots in a Super Bowl. That strip sack made all the difference.
  • Ryan Hannable hears from Chris Long who says he signed with the Patriots to win a Super Bowl, not to get paid.
  • Chris Mason talks about how Trey Flowers played his biggest game for the Patriots on the biggest stage.
  • Dan Ventura notes Bill Belichick doesn't play favorites, but he clearly has a soft spot for this year’s champions and said 'we never felt the game was out of reach'.
  • Ryan Hannable focuses on how family clearly meant a lot to this team, and played a role in winning on Sunday.
  • Rachel G. Bowers picks out seven plays that defined the Pats' Super Bowl win.
  • Christopher Price lists the 10 most remarkable things about the 2016 Patriots. 4. They spread the wealth in the passing game like no other team in the Belichick Era.
  • Michael Hurley thinks that was the most unbelievably impossible Super Bowl comeback in history, and shares some more leftover Patriots thoughts.
  • Chad Finn offers a few more observations, from the day after the win: Belichick was effusive in praising Hightower Monday morning.
  • Matt Dolloff comes up with five mind-blowing facts to sum up the Patriots Super Bowl stunner. 1. The Patriots are now 5-2 in the postseason when Tom Brady throws for 50-plus passing attempts.
  • James Conway (PatsPropaganda) Coffin Corner: The Foxboro Redemption.
  • Steve Buckley puts Super Bowl LI on top as the greatest moment in Boston sports history.
  • Jaydeen Allen (PatriotsWire) Here's a look at the Patriots' defensive game plan from Super Bowl LI.
  • Nik DeCosta-Klipa tells us where Bill Belichick got the idea for that fake-kneel play.
  • Ron Borges issues his Super Bowl Report Card: A two-part test. Pats lost the first, 28-3. They won the second, 31-0, and that was more important.
  • Alex Speier says that in the Patriots locker room the elation hit a new level.
  • Jimmy Golen (AP) Patriots return to New England, receive warm welcome in cold.
  • Jaydeen Allen (PatriotsWire) Best Twitter memes from Patriots 34-28 win over Falcons.