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NFL Network to air the Brady Six, America’s Game for the 2001, 2003, 2004, and 2014 Patriots, and a replay of Super Bowl LI

With the Patriots amazing Super Bowl win, NFL Network will air the America’s Game from the four previous Super Bowl, the Brady Six, and a replay of Super Bowl LI.

If you have a DVR and NFL Network on your TV, you can re-live the Patriots dynasty. With the Patriots winning Super Bowl LI and establishing themselves as the greatest NFL dynasty, NFL Network has a special treat for Patriots fans. So get your remotes ready and record those programs so you can watch them at your leisure.

If you haven’t watched the Brady Six or any of the four previous America’s Games already, you now have the golden opportunity to do so. Whether it’s a story of Brady’s personnel struggles to become the G.O.A.T., the journey from a forgettable franchise to the gold standard in the NFL, and the final crowning achievement, they are all must-watch when lined up together. If you aren’t able to watch live but do record the specials, I recommend watching them in the order that NFL Network has these features lined up.

NFL Network isn’t stopping there, after the Super Bowl replay they will include Sound FX from the game and a best of Tom Brady sound FX. If you do end up missing the show or didn’t DVR it, check YouTube because someone will likely try to upload them.