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Two years after “Do Your Job”, Patriots file a new trademark for the 2016 season

The Patriots have their desired tagline.

After winning Super Bowl XLIX, the New England Patriots filed to trademark the phrase “Do Your Job.” It became the mantra that embodied that team and while head coach Bill Belichick has been saying it forever, the sentence will forever be connected with that 2014 season.

Well, the Patriots have filed for a new trademark that is likely to be associated with the 2016 season and Super Bowl LI, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

“IGNORE THE NOISE” isn’t as catchy as “Do Your Job”, but it makes sense for a season as tumultuous as the Patriots.

Trade away star pass rusher Chandler Jones? Ignore the noise.

Star quarterback Tom Brady suspended for the first four games? Ignore the noise.

Trade away star linebacker Jamie Collins? Ignore the noise.

Miss all of your field goals and extra points? Ignore the noise.

Bench half of your starting defense midway through the season? Ignore the noise.

Fall behind 28-3 in the Super Bowl? Ignore the noise, come back, and win the game.

I get it. “IGNORE THE NOISE” and all that. Can you come up with a better phrase for this year’s team?

And, no, it can’t be “Roger That” because it’s already trademarked: