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Reportedly "no trade talks" between Patriots and Browns regarding QB Jimmy Garoppolo

The Jimmy Garoppolo saga continues. Or does it?

The Cleveland Browns have been stockpiling draft picks over the last few months and appear to be in a prime position to make a run for New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. There have been conflicting reports about the Patriots' willingness to move their backup.

The Patriots want a first round pick.

The Patriots want more than a first round pick.

The Patriots want this year's number one overall pick.

The Patriots don't want to trade Garoppolo at all.

Due to a recent Instagram post, which allegedly was a hack, though, Garoppolo and his trade value have come to the forefront of public discourse again. According to Josina Anderson, however, the Patriots do not intend to move the 25-year old — at least to the Browns:

I'm told that there are "no trade talks" for Jimmy Garoppolo and the #Browns going on, at this time.

Anderson's report reflects the most recent point of view: New England is not planning on moving Garoppolo. With the former second round pick still under contract and the Patriots having the possibility of franchising him after the 2017 season, the team is in no apparent rush to trade him. Then again, as has been shown as recently as yesterday, things develop fast in the NFL.