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Breaking Down Stephon Gilmore’s 5-year, $65M contract

The Patriots splurged on the free agent CB, now we see how the contract is structured

We now have the details for the Stephon Gilmore contract. The Patriots signed him yesterday at the start of free agency, surprising many. The terms of the deal yesterday were outlined as 5 years, $65M with $40M guaranteed, after being initially reported at $14M per year.

Miguel (aka patscap) outlines the contract for us.

The Patriots have front-loaded this deal, with Gilmore set to receive $23M in cash the first season and $9M the second. The reported guaranteed was $40M, but only $31M is truly guaranteed with the last $9M likely an injury guarantee for Year 3. The deal sets up as a 3/$42M deal, which is on par with elite CB money. The Patriots then can decide to keep him for $11M in 2020 and then for $12M in 2021. The deal pays for Gilmore’s Age 26-30 seasons.