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New England Patriots links 3/02/17 - Curran: The Patriot Way is hard choice for some players

Daily news & links for 3/02/17

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2017 Patriots could look very different from SB-winning team
2017 Patriots could look very different from SB-winning team
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports



  • Tom E. Curran discusses how the Patriots demand a lot of their players, mentally and physically. So when free agency beckons, some of them choose a different lifestyle.
  • Mike Reiss suggests that the 2017 Patriots might look significantly different from the team that just won the Super Bowl.
  • Jeff Howe points out the Falcons as the latest example of how over the past couple of years, the Pats haven't just ended their opponents' seasons, they've left them reeling.
  • Mike Reiss notes that deciding not to trade Jimmy Garoppolo should give the Patriots strong insurance in case Tom Brady's production falls off as he enters his 40s.
  • Karen Guregian takes a look at the number of variables in deciding what to do with Jimmy Garoppolo.
  • Tom E. Curran has a hard time believing Jimmy Garoppolo is untouchable.
  • Ben Volin also finds it hard to believe Jimmy Garoppolo is truly untouchable.
  • Steve Buckley considers the possibility that this Jimmy G. business is just a clever shell game by the Pats, unless... what if they truly believe he is going to be the next great QB?
  • Nick O'Malley notes the Patriots have nearly $60M in cap space, which is 6th-most in the NFL and double that of the Jets.
  • Doug Kyed thumbnails six positions the Patriots should closely examine at the combine.
  • Jeff Howe Combine Notebook: Salary cap set and Patriots have another $60.6 million to spend; Bills WR Robert Woods quietly professed his envy for Chris Hogan; More.
  • Chad Finn's Daily Sports Q: Should the Patriots sign Jamaal Charles to help their running game?
  • Mike Reiss details Bill Belichick's eventful night, taking in Celtics-Cavaliers at TD Garden, where courtside seats got him an eyeful of both the Globetrotters and LeBron James. /Great game.
  • CBS Boston posts a clip of LeBron James getting up close and personal with Bill Belichick. Thankfully James 'slowed up': "I'm not taking no legend out."
  • Darren Hartwell reports how Bill Belichick's cameo at the Celtics-Cavs game obviously gets a huge ovation.
  • Nicholas Goss offers his 11th 2017 Mock Draft. Pats pick Alabama TE O.J. Howard.