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WATCH: 3 minute video shows how media member allegedly stole Tom Brady’s jersey

Watch how the FBI found their prime suspect in the theft of Tom Brady’s jersey.

Earlier this week, news surfaced about how a media member stole the jersey of New England Patriots QB Tom Brady after Super Bowl LI. The media member, Martin Mauricio Ortega, apparently has a history of stealing items from Super Bowl MVPs.

Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer released an uncensored video that shows how Ortega entered the Patriots locker room prior to other members of the media and how he managed to escape unnoticed.

The FBI apparently recovered Brady’s jersey from Super Bowl LI alongside his jersey from Super Bowl XLIX and what appears to be a helmet belonging to Super Bowl 50 MVP and Denver Broncos LB Von Miller.

The Houston Chronicle received an anonymous statement from a Mexican government official stating that “an unspecified victim in the U.S.” (read: Tom Brady) will not press charges upon the return of the jersey.

How Ortega managed to steal Miller’s helmet without anyone noticing is beyond me, although I think an Ocean’s Eleven-style post-Super Bowl heist should become an annual event. That would be one heck of a way to keep football in the news for the month of February, until the Combine and Free Agency.